Adam Frost


Adam is the Head of Academic and Operational Support, he comes to Les Roches Chicago from Les Roches Jin Jiang International Hotel Management College (LRJJ) in Shanghai, China.
Adam spent 10 years in China acting as the Manager of the English program at LRJJ as well as being involved in several international operations focused on bringing wine into China and developing service operations of organizations. Adam studied Mandarin at Shanghai Jiaotong University and is currently working towards a Doctorate in Education with University of Liverpool.

Bruno Cardone

Campus Operation Manager

Bruno entered the hospitality world at a very early age, working at local restaurant in his native city of Turin, Italy, while still attending high school. As he developed a passion for cooking as a kitchen chef, Bruno also had the opportunity to become familiar with the Les Roches International School of Hotel Management in 1997 and enrolled in the program, earning his Bachelor of Business Administration in 2001.

Progressing in his professional career path, he worked for leading hotel brands around the world as kitchen chef. In 2010, his commitment to the food and beverage industry brought him to the field of hospitality education. He became a practical instructor and then moved into the role of Program Manager for the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts in Amman, Jordan. Bruno currently resides in Chicago, Illinois and oversees the Les Roches Campus as Operation Manager.